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     The Golden Plains Llama Association  was established as a group to promote llamas and alpacas, provide education about these wonderful animals and provide for a fun and fulfilling experience for llama and alpaca owners.  Our members are involved in many llama/alpaca events.  GPLA has two main events annually.  We sponsor the llama show at the Kansas State Fair on the Monday following Labor Day. in September.  We have an Annual Conference open to all members and the public.  We have many members who participate in llama/alpaca events throughout the state.  See our photo gallery.

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GPLA Events

Kansas State Fair


Monday, September 14, 2020

The Kansas State Llama Show will be held in Hutchinson the Monday after Labor Day.  It is an ALSA Sanctioned Llama Show including halter, showmanship and performance classes.  Entry information is avaialbale through the Kansas State Fair website later this summer.  Please contact Superintendent Glenna Overmiller for more information.  785-346-4365 or

GPLA Annual Conference 2020


February 7-9, 2020

The 2020 GPLA Annual Conference will be held in Phillipsburg, KS this February.    It is the 2nd year we have held the Mid-Winter Fiber Festival and our 1st year to have an ALSA sanctioned youth show.  The Festival includes Warp Painting, Weaving, Weaving Painted Warp, 8 minutes to dye, Fine Tune your Crochet Skills, Tunisian Crochet, Dehairing by hand, Pgora Goats 101, Beginning Spinning, Homing you Spinning Skills,.  Contact Betty Hollman at 580-528-1232 for more information.

Forms for the youth show and the conference are available in the "Find out more" section

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